About Our Practice

More Than A Number…


Our independent practice is dedicated to being your healthcare advocate on your journey to the apex of health. 

We are a small family business. Our care is individualized, and we value being able to address each patient’s unique needs. Direct physician-patient communication, during and after office hours, allows us to follow up with patients easily and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

In short, we’re elevating healthcare, one patient at a time.


Our Mission

We are committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of our patients, by providing efficient, compassionate, comprehensive, and individualized concierge care.

Our Values

  • Reliable, high-quality care
  • A patient-centric approach based in teamwork and collaboration
  • Respect for patients, staff and the community

Our Goals

At Knepper Concierge Medicine we are always striving for improved quality of care, improved patient health outcomes, and improved patient satisfaction.